Scholarship Program

Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Program photos

Since 1999, Diabetes Hope Foundation, supported by our partners and patrons, has awarded 510 scholarships to students living with diabetes.

This unique awards program recognizes what no other program does: that young people living with diabetes must have an unwavering commitment to managing their health. Once an adolescent reaches the age of 18, they must make the transition from pediatric care to a more self-directed adult health care program. Statistics indicate that at least 30% of young people do not adequately manage their health once they become post-secondary students. Many of these young adults re-appear in the health system with chronic complications from diabetes.

The HOPE Scholarship Program highlights the personal triumphs of young adults who face the many responsibilities associated with diabetes management all the while significantly enriching their lives through community and extra-curricular activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each of these young adults has accomplished what others in their position try to do: they have allowed themselves to be people with diabetes with hopes and plans to succeed and pursue life's challenges. They are not diabetics with a disease that defines them.

Vision for the Future
Diabetes Hope Foundation is committed to developing the HOPE Scholarship Program into a self-sustaining fund. With both corporate and patron support, this ambitious goal can be reached.

Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Program photos