Peer Support Program

What is the Peer Support Program?
This year, Diabetes Hope Foundation will be expanding our Youth in Transition programs to include one-on-one mentorship support for youth with type 1 diabetes. The goal of the program is to match youth with young adults with type 1 diabetes to provide support while youth are transitioning between services.

What Kind of Training Will My Mentor Have?
Your mentor will be JUST LIKE YOU -- a young adult living with type 1 diabetes. Our mentors have all transitioned into adult care and college/university, and want to support you in making your transition next year. All of Diabetes Hope Foundation's Peer Mentors have received training in crisis support, leadership development, emotional intelligence and compassionate fatigue training.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Program?
Youth ages 14 to 18 who are living with diabetes. Our program is FREE and offered at no cost through support from our community partners and generous sponsors.

What Will I Talk to My Mentor About?
You and your mentors will decide in the first two weeks what you're going to talk about. This is NOT school, there is no curriculum. You can speak to your mentor about ANY challenges that you need more support with — sports, hobbies, diabetes, challenges with school, problems they’re having with friends, parents, girlfriend/boyfriend etc.

To Speak with the Program Coordinator...
please email to speak to our Youth Program Coordinator.

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