How to Apply

Scholarship Program Dates

Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Program
The Diabetes Hope Scholarship Application is designed to have the applicant provide the necessary information in a clear and concise manner as well as to allow the information to be easily reviewed by the members of the Scholarship Advisory Board.

Scholarship Applicant Review Process
Diabetes Hope Foundation is proud to maintain a system that ensures all applications receive an unbiased review by the members of the Scholarship Advisory Board. Your application must be received at the Diabetes Hope Foundation office by the stated due date in order for our administration personnel to meet our review schedules.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the required documents are included in the package. Upon receipt at Diabetes Hope Foundation, the application checklist is reviewed against the documents received with the application. An email will be issued to the applicant stating that the application package has been received. Additionally, the email will indicate that all documents have been received or that documents are missing - included will be a list of the missing documents. For those cases where the application is received after the due date the applicant will be informed of the date the application was received. This email will be the only communication between Diabetes Hope Foundation personnel and the applicant until the scholarships have been awarded.

Each application is given a Control Number. The applicant's general information is entered into a Control Log. The applicant's control number is placed onto each page of the application. Diabetes Hope Foundation Administration personnel photocopy the application. The original, including the applicant's picture, is placed into a master file that is maintained in the Administration Office. 

The application 'copy' is blinded - all personal information including names, addresses, communication numbers and email addresses are 'removed' in a manner to ensure anonymity. Once blinded, copies of the application are prepared for the Scholarship Advisory Board Members.

Scholarship Advisory Board Members (SABM) score each application. The SABM summary score sheet is presented to the Administration personnel who validate the score sheet totals and enter the scores onto the master record. The master record scores are totaled and averaged to obtain a final score for each application. Additionally, the SABM meet to review the master record scores.

Each applicant is notified of the results of their application. Applicants who will be awarded a 2014 scholarship will be notified by telephone. All others will be notified by email.

The decision of the Scholarship Advisory Board is final.

Understanding the Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Application Process:

  1. The application is a two part package. In order to complete the application the applicant must use both documents.
  2. Once the application is completed and submitted to Diabetes Hope Foundation, the information contained in the application will be used only by the Scholarship Administrator and the Scholarship Advisory Committee and will not be disclosed to any other persons. This includes medical and educational information. Social Insurance Numbers will be provided to Diabetes Hope Foundation's accounting firm in order for the necessary tax documents to be prepared.
  3. The application must be completed by computer using the Microsoft Word electronic file from our website - hand written applications will not be accepted. (with the exception of medical information).
  4. Once completed, a signed hard copy (printed application) of the application must be sent by the applicant. The application package must be mailed with all other documents, including the completed checklist, to Diabetes Hope Foundation.
  5. The names and pictures of the 2014 Diabetes Hope Foundation Recipients will be used in Diabetes Hope Foundation brochures, annual reports and on the website. At no time will street addresses or phone numbers be included with the pictures. A release form, included in the application package, must be signed by the applicant and their parent/guardian.

Should you have questions regarding the Scholarship Program, please email them to and ensure you provide your full name and telephone number.